Houses Vector Graphics

I’d like to share with you some more of my unused graphics this time it’s a couple of houses with designs typical of which you would find in the uk. The download is under a creative commons licence which allows you to do anything with the graphics as long as you attribute me as the creator. Click here to… Continue reading Houses Vector Graphics

Survey Equipment Vector Graphics

During my internship at Greenhatch Group I created vector graphics of equipment used by the company. Many of these graphics didn’t make it into the finished project, so I thought I would share them for use free of charge. The download is under a creative commons licence which allows you to do anything with the graphics as long as you… Continue reading Survey Equipment Vector Graphics

Greenhatch Group

I recently finished a internship at the survey company Greenhatch Group. During my time at the company I was tasked with creating a promotion motion graphic video and a company brochure. I created the motion graphic video in Adobe After Effects using vector graphics that I created in Adobe illustrator. To create the company brochure I used… Continue reading Greenhatch Group

Kiwi CD

I drive a Kia Picanto which was given the name Kiwi by it’s previous owner. Kiwi doesn’t have an audio input so the only way to listen to your music is by using the CD player. When making a CD to use in the car I thought it would be a fun project to create a CD cover that complemented… Continue reading Kiwi CD

Take Notes

  Evernote is a program that allows you to create and save notes. The unique selling point to Evernote is that all the notes you create can be synced to across your devices. Evernote’s tagline is “Remember Everything” and it delivers. At first I thought I would use Evernote to make quick notes instead of using word documents or a note pad,… Continue reading Take Notes

Job Searching

As I search for jobs everyday I have found some ways to make the task of finding new jobs easier. The first website I visit daily is is a great website as it is a search engine for jobs, searching all the major job sites for vacancies under your inputted search criteria. One… Continue reading Job Searching


I have created this blog to share my progress, thoughts and ideas. This is not the first blog I have created but it is the first one that I have made in WordPress. I aim to use this blog to help me develop my WordPress skills.  My other blog’s have been made on and… Continue reading Welcome!